What is Introtuce?

Introtuce is a tech startup in India. We have been primarily doing research in Deep Learning in collaboration with IISc, Bangalore to build novel models in the space of Segmentation, Object Detection, Pose, Tracking etc.

Introtuce has been doing build & research in Edge Computing to deploy resource heavy deep learning models in Smartphones (Android and iOS).

Why research?

Introtuce has invented a novel product concept to change Social Networking. There is no existing technology to realize the invention. Hence we started research in Deep Learning & Edge Computing.

Our Vision for Introtuce is to build a world-class technology company first time in India powered by novel product concept to change the world and become a pioneer in Experiential Entertainment.

What is Nex2Me?

Nex2Me is a new product concept to revolutionize how Smartphone users worldwide engage with their friends, family, beloved celebrities and brands.

Nex2Me is powered by state of art technology to potentially disrupt Social Networking and redefine digital life to real-time active engagement, get back to real-people in real-world and opportunities to try never-done-before activities.


Our vision is to make Nex2Me as Experiential Entertainment Platform.

We have undertaken a mission to introtuce Nex2Me to India, Bangladesh, and rest of the world through creative and enticing social media presence and extensive network of product community in all the countries where we launch.

Team behind Nex2Me

Nex2Me is passionately supported by a team of tech enthusiasts and deeply committed growth hackers.

Tech team is primarily focusing on research & build in Deep Learning, Mobile App build, Edge Computing, Back-end, Security, Experience & Finish of the product.

Growth team is primarily focusing on building product community and creating compelling brand presence.

Product community is comprised with talented, passionate and fun loving students who wanted to learn & accelerate their career prospects through internship while studying.

We are offering variety of internships to students from India and Bangladesh.

Please check Careers Page.

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