Growth Hackers Description

​The product team at Introtuce is eager to support students by teaching them their skills, showing them the ropes of the profession, and providing mentorship. We have decided to conduct the internship program remotely, so that students may take advantage of the current situation and utilize their time efficiently. They will gain practical, first-hand, invaluable experience with the product launch. A Certificate of Experience will be issued after the completion of the internship.



  • Define the target audience, develop user personas and build them up constantly.

  • Brainstorming growth hacking strategies and leading these initiatives across the company.

  • Explore user journeys of the product and suggest opportunities for improvements to satisfy your inquisitive skills.

  • Establish relationship with colleges in your city & state to build a community and champion the product.

  • Lead growth hackers across colleges to plan and promote in college campus and neighborhood.

  • Persuade variety of celebrities & influencers of all levels to entertain their fans using novel opportunities.

  • Video editing, creation of brochures, email templates, promotional content, etc.

  • Use of professional industry-relevant tools and frameworks to streamline leads, tasks, and to reiterate business goals.


  • Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills

  • Strong networking, persuasion and event management skills.

  • Passion to plan and organize campaigns.

  • Team player and attention to detail

  • Self-motivated and a self-starter with good time management.

  • Savvy with Major Social Media Platforms

  • Excellent multitasking skills

  • Critical thinker and problem-solving skills



  • 3 months, remote working, part-time and unpaid


Future Prospects

  • Successful Growth Hackers will be converted into full time and paid roles post internship.


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