Introtuce identified truly novel opportunities to entertain 2.7 billion Smartphone Users, Celebrities, Fans, Consumers worldwide through immersive entertainment using Deep Learning and Edge Computing technology.



Nex2me provide novel opportunities to perform activities (dancing, shopping, singing, explore places etc.) in real-time with Friends, Families, Celebrities and Brands.

Nex2me is poised to disrupt how people connect & engage with friends, family and how celebrities connect & engage with fans and how brands connect & engage with consumers.


Fully immersive activities will help evolve Nex2me into world's first  Social Entertainment platform.

Short Videos

Nex2me provide opportunities for people to create creative short videos with Friends, Families, Celebrities, Fans, Brands who are apart while getting entertained by performing immersive activities.

Expertiential Entertainment

Nex2me provide creative opportunities for Brands to promote products and services through entertainment.

Brands will focus on creating stimulating experiences through immersive activities. Brands will not chase consumers to see their ads instead focus on creating long lasting experiences which will pull consumers to find and participate in promotions voluntarily.

Nex2me do not collect, profile user data for advertising purpose. Nex2me aim to achieve near 100% conversion rates.



Introtuce is building teams from IISc, NIT, VIT and IIM with particular focus on Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Cloud Engineering, System Design & Scaling, Mobile App Build & UX Design, Brand & Traction Building to introduce ground breaking products to ~2.7 billion Smartphone Users including Celebrities and Businesses worldwide.

You feel like joining the team, please reach us at

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