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In this contemporary world, it's nowhere an exaggeration that this is an era of social media. With more than 200 social media platforms to choose from and none of them being unique and distinctive source of experiences is quiet tormenting. Although recent times has witnessed a tremendous growth in science and technology turning many things into reality which earlier seemed to be fantasies, moving up a gear for a better future is always supported.

Imagine a situation where you can engage with your friends and relatives on foreign lands in a manner, which is beyond any video call or chat, experiencing as if you are next to them. What if a unique platform is presented to the potential buyers to experience the genuity of the product before arriving at a decision to buy it without having to physically move out of their houses.

How about a situation wherein you could go on an expansive tour and immerse yourself into the beauty around the world without actually doing so. What if you are enabled to add on to your rich experiences which are beyond the present experiences provided by social media sites, most of which are limited to a certain extent. Disrupting Push Advertisements, which are majorly forced upon the users, what if the users can themselves be a part of product promotion, voluntarily.

What if a paradigm shift is delivered to the social media standards prevailing in the industry which will up turn the boat which decided the extent to which you can indulge through a video call or the extent to which you could identify with your favorite celebrity and be a part of their life. What if your favorite celeb can take you along on their Vacation to a dreamy and exotic place or if you could accompany them on their shopping spree!

A tech startup is brewing and undergoing its development phase in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore which will soar in the above fields, and many others, in an unprecedented manner.

Stay tuned for getting to know more about this pioneer startup product by following us on our social media pages, cause we've got an answer.

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To all passionate, digital savvy individuals, we would like to gather feedback from Early Adopters to strengthen the product to emerge as a strong competitor. To submit your interest, register on the following link:

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