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The Data Theft Hullabaloo: How Nex2me serves as an alternative?

Wizened photographs of celebrities and netizens are sweeping the internet off late. The “#Faceappchallenge” has taken over the internet. Launched in 2017, FaceApp has stolen the limelight by its realistic ‘old’ filter. FaceApp’s fine-tuned AI engine provides you a sneak-peek into how you might look like 20 or more years later. Honestly, seeing one’s old self leads to a hearty belly laugh.

However, behind this playful photo transforming app, as rumors states, rests a darker “Russian” side with which a new panic had upsurged. Privacy concerns about the app began to mount. The fear of an unlimited surveillance on one’s data by this Russian app took over.

Later, technical analysis brushed aside any possibility of ‘unlimited surveillance’. Responding to the controversy, FaceApp came forward and stated that it “might store” some uploaded photos in the cloud for “performance and traffic” reasons. It also said that while the app’s “core R&D team is located in Russia, the user data is not transferred to Russia”[1]. The photos are stored on conventional servers run by American companies.

But, does it put an end to the ‘Surveillance hell’ we are living in? FaceApp, like numerous other applications, shares the cookie data with business affiliates and third-party advertisers to "deliver targeted advertisements". In May 2019, Google, a tech-giant, revealed that it used several thousands of #mannequinchallenge videos to help train its AI engine. The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica fiasco further help us understand the degree of monitoring we are exposed to, secretly.

In this mesh of unconsented synthesis of user’s data, Nex2me, a new mobile app being built on a novelty to revolutionize how people are connected, provides to its users a platform to get away with this secretive breach of privacy. We respect one's personal boundaries and will never empower anyone to violate them. To fortify this Nex2me is averse to do any sort of data profiling of its users, which simply implies that what you do on our app is highly confidential, limited to yourself and will never be used for furthering our business motives. Nex2me will waft data monitoring for the sake of advertisements and business expansion to prevent its users being slammed with an advertisement of a product they were talking about just hours before with their friends on social media. We are committed to safeguard your personal space from the ongoing havoc of data mining.

Stay tuned on our social media platforms to know more about this upcoming revolution.

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