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Unconsented Data Collection - A Time Bomb!

We are in such a fix that living without breathing poison is irresistible and breathing poison is no doubt injurious to health. How did we jump into this huge pool of data? How did it lure us to fall into this trap? Well it’s not very difficult to guess answers for the above questions. Isn’t it the nature of mankind to keep aiming higher and higher for more comfort and power. Everybody desires to be the God, everybody aims to be the master, not of his deeds but of mankind!

The problem of data collection is not the data collection but the way it is being collected and the depth it’s being dug into. The question of when these data become ‘personal’ in nature or when legitimate data collection ceases to be so, as well as when data can be used to identify a person, refer us to the problem of the context in which data protection or the protection of informational privacy acquires significance.

Acquiring data without an individual’s consent is against the rights of an individual although one can’t really say if it’s illegal because after having data protection laws across the globe, cases of data breach do happen and are dismissed with some amount of penalty fee! The potential to reveal personal information because it is not illegal, but can damage the lives of the individuals, must be considered.

We don’t even know if big data will exist forever, we may think that we got rid of the baggage we carried but that might just not be true! We are totally aware of the case when a few of us elected a president under the influence of big data probably. Well this is just a trailer; the complete movie might be really dangerous for the likes of us! It’s still an ultimatum better be late than never!

We know that the businesses are vacuuming up unprecedented amounts of information and their customers are increasingly getting uncomfortable with it! Are they even aware of the fact that this might be actually affecting their revenues and the future of the company? Trust of the customers is the lifeline to a company! There’s not even a single company in the history of mankind which survived without the trust of its customers! Well, you are free to google it!

Why do these social media giants need such a baseless method to mint money? Why can’t they stop putting their hands into this mud of distrust and hopelessness? Why can’t they develop extraordinary methods of helping out small businesses and start-ups while keeping the trust of customers intact after all we were the ones who developed the technology to accumulate, churn and filter piles after piles of data and now we should be able to take the responsibility of the situation and develop methods to carry out the same tasks with “legitimate” data collection i.e. with the consent of the customer!

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