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Wonders of data mining if you call them so...

We are the most evolved species on mother Earth and today’s scenario can’t provide us with a better proof.

Isn’t it quite fascinating to see that the kind of shoes you were surfing today morning magically appeared in front of your eyes while you were scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed during afternoon? Seems like a fairy tale, right? Well these are the wonders of “data mining”, we tend to celebrate these mere acts of wonders with sheer awe and justify the deeds of companies which have strong customer focus by counting n no of benefits like market basket analysis, customer relationship management, customer segmentation etc without giving a second thought about the dangers driven alongside with these wonders!

The recent incident of Facebook data breach provided awareness among the innocent customers about the chaos data mining can bring in their lives. Nobody would have ever thought that there’s someone other than the almighty who is tracking the lives of not only millions but billions of people around the globe second by second. We are still not fully aware of the deadly consequences of data mining. We are living in such a competitive world that we tend to seldom trust people around us, with data breaches turning up day by day, one can’t even breathe the air of complete freedom, you never know what little information the other person may have which can completely topple down the palace of comfort you built with hard work in years of sleepless nights.

What if you get to know that although you are a rightful citizen of a democratic nation and you have a right to privacy yet you had been living with this hoax until today when you got to know that there’s no such thing as privacy left! What if there’s another God called “hacker” who knows every personal detail about you like how many girlfriends you had, in which class do you travel or who are you going to support in Presidential elections! However clean one can portray his/ her life, there are things you wouldn’t want your neighbour or your boss to know. How comfortable will you be to know that your boss knows the kind of soap you use or the kind of gifts you get for your wife: P

In lieu of data mining, can we dream about c which obeys us not the other way around? Can we try to build something which sells us just exactly what we want nothing more nothing less? Rather getting our opinions influenced. Can we really get out of this infinite loop of data mining and privacy breaches? Can we still dare to witness more advanced technology on our fingertips with no risk of haphazard? Can we dream of a social platform, free from data intruders? Can we just focus and justify being social freedom (without we being watched) on social media??

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