Growth Hacking Selection

Let’s do this interview a little differently.


Since we’re all under a lockdown, there is no way for us to meet you face to face and understand what it will be like to work with you. So we’re requesting you to record a video of yourself answering the questions below.. It will give us a sense of your confidence level, innovation, and communication skills, which are all key values for the role.

  1. Growth Hacker (Intern) will be tasked with outreach activities where you will need to contact other colleges, your personal network, formulate and lead teams of new recruits, promote and share Nex2me, our mobile app at campus events, etc. and create a network of users. How would you plan and build a network for promoting Nex2me?

  2. How many Instagram followers and Facebook friends do you have? Do you consider yourself to be popular? How would most of your friends describe you?

  3. Have you led a team before? 

    • If yes, at what capacity? What was your biggest challenge?

    • If not, that’s alright. Team members are what makes or breaks a team. What is the most challenging part of being a team member, and how do you tackle that challenge?


All the best! Our team will reach out to you soon after we receive the interview file.


Don't forget to introduce yourself so we know who you are.

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